gcode comment alert in OpenBuilds Control

Have you ever wanted to display a message when you load a gcode file in OpenBuilds CONTROL? Here’s a quick and dirty javascript macro that will show a gcode alert.

function alertMacro() {
  editor.session.on('change', function(e) {
    if (editor.curOp && editor.curOp.command.name) {
      return null;
    let foundAlert = editor.find('ALERT:');
    if (foundAlert !== undefined) {
      let alertText = editor.session.getLine(foundAlert.start.row);
      console.log('what is pos ' + alertText)    
      var dialog = Metro.dialog.create({
        clsDialog: 'dark',
        title: "<i class='fas fa-exclamation-triangle'></i> ALERT",
        content: "<i class='fas fa-exclamation-triangle fg-darkRed'></i> " + alertText,
        actions: [{
          caption: "Close",
          cls: "js-dialog-close",
          onclick: function() {
$(document).ready(() => setTimeout(alertMacro, 1000));

Add the code to a new javascript macro and set it to run at startup. Restart CONTROL.

The macro looks for a string, in this case “ALERT:”, in your loaded gcode file. If it finds it, it will pop up a dialog box that displays the string.

Sample gcode file:

G90 G94 G17
(ALERT: Do something!)
G53 G0 Z-0.3937
G0 X-0.3937 Y-0.3937

In Fusion 360, you can add this comment with a manual nc comment operation: https://help.autodesk.com/view/fusion360/ENU/?guid=GUID895129FD-6548-414D-8B31-EDBCC5EF4439

If you are new to OpenBuilds CONTROL, be sure to check out my OpenBuilds CONTROL tutorial.

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