Change OpenBuilds Control Jog Step Size

In version 1.277, the OpenBuilds Control jog step size for inches changed from .010″, .100″, 1″ and 10″ to .001″, .010″, .100″ and 1″. I’ve seen a few posts on the OpenBuilds Facebook forum where people have indicated that they would like to have the 10″ step size back. If you’re one of those people, then the following OpenBuilds JavaScript macro is for you.

First, if you dont know what a JavaScript macro is, check out my previous post to learn more.

I’ve posted the JavaScript code in my OpenBuilds Hacks github repository. Just copy the code from the “Change Inch Step Sizes” file into a new JavaScript macro. Be sure to check “run at startup” before clicking apply.

That’s it. Now when you start OpenBuilds Control the jog step size for inches will be .010″, .100″, 1″ and 10″.

OpenBuilds Control Jog Step Size

If you have any comments/questions, please post them below.

If you are new to OpenBuilds CONTROL, be sure to check out my OpenBuilds CONTROL tutorial.

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