Spoilboard Grid Lines for OpenBuilds CONTROL


Generate grid line gcode for OpenBuilds Control.

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Spoilboard Grid Lines Wizard for OpenBuilds CONTROL allows you to quickly create gcode for any size grid.

This javascript macro will add a grid lines gcode generator to the Wizards menu in OpenBuilds CONTROL. The wizard will allow you to specify the size of cell and how many cells to create in both X and Y on your wasteboard.

Grid Lines Wizard Demo

After purchase, you’ll be granted access to the Spoilboard Grid Lines Wizard support forum for this macro.

**Note: These macros are digital download files, no physical product is exchanged.**


– Copy the code into a new javascript macro.
– Select “Run Macro on startup”
– Close Control and re-launch.
– Click on Grid Lines Wizard under Wizards & Tools

Change Log:
v1.0 Initial Release
v1.1 (1/13/23): OB changed menu section names.

Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final and no refunds can be given.

For more information on macros for OpenBuilds CONTROL, check out my blog.

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