Single click file open in OpenBuilds CONTROL

A few days ago I wrote a post showing how to add a keyboard shortcut to open a file browser. But what if you want to completely remove the Open G-Code dropdown menu and add a button to single click to open a file browser? Its easy to do with a javascript macro.

Create a new macro. Give it a name. Click the Javascript tab on left side and add the following code.

var openFileButton = `
<div class="group">
    <button id="file" class="ribbon-button" onclick="socket.emit('openFile')">
      <span class="icon">
        <span class="fa-layers fa-fw">
          <i class="fas fa-folder-open fg-amber"></i>
      <span class="caption grblmode">Open<br>G-Code</span>
  <span class="title">File</span>

Make sure to enable “Run Macro on startup”.

If you are new to OpenBuilds CONTROL, be sure to check out my OpenBuilds CONTROL tutorial.

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